CEME Pressure Switches

The series PC Pressure Switch is mainly used for boiler ironing systems and other small electric household appliances as well as heating systems (wall boilers). They are compatible with several types of gaseous or liquid fluids with a max. temperature of 155°C.

CEME Solenoid Valves

Suitable for managing fluids such as water, steam, air refrigerants, oils, others. The product range includes valves that can be made of diverse type of materials.

CEME Transducers

The transducer generates a signal that is directly proportional to the applied pressure. Thanks to its characteristics, it can be used in various environments, such as bevarage and heating.

CEME Solenoid Pumps

Vibration pumps are suitable for use in the home appliance industry , especially for the production of Coffee Machines , Carpet Cleaners , Steam Irons with seperate tanks.   They are used with water and high-viscosity fluids.

ELTEK Flow Switches & Flow Sensors

Water flow switches are devices which can be assembled on hydraulic systems. They provide an electric signal at a specific flow rate. They are custom designed for hydraulic and electrical connections with reed switch sensor.

ELTEK Water Block (anti-limescale)

The water block valve is an overflow safety device, which controls the maximum consumption of water between 5 and 50 litres. Its function is to measure the number of litres of water that have passed through it.

Control HTP Sensors for boilers

Temperature probes enable accurate temperature measurement for boiler applications from -20C° up to 160C°. They provide fast response time, high precision with the use of dedicated special materials.

Control HTP Sensors for  Dishwasher, Washing Machine & Dryer

Temperature probes provide accurate temperature measurement of water and air from -40C° up to 145C°. NTC sensor converts water/air temperature value in electrical signals

Kramer Safety Valves

Variations of different size diaphragm safety valves with O-ring inlet connection and female or male outlet fast connection

3 Way Valve Stepper Motor

These linear stepper motor actuators are designed based on the know-how technology of hybrid stepper motor with lead screw and nut. Provide high torque, high precision, and high efficiency to fit the application needs of designers

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